Candidate for Commissioner should now be independent

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Are any of the major political parties to be trusted any longer? We already know about the vested interests of the coalition. But the recent tragedy in Rotherham has shone a light onto the murky workings of a Labour Party which once represented us.

While I welcome the resignation of the Police and Crime Commissioner did anyone else find it strange that the respective chairmen of the committees that questioned him are hardly paragons of virtue?

Keith Vaz has been suspended from the Commons for making false accusations against a policewoman, he had to resign from his post as Europe minister over the Hinduja brothers citizen application and didn’t he also blame the BNP for spreading a story some time ago of how some Asian men were systematically “grooming” young white girls?

The second grand inquisitor the following day was our own Mr Betts, who was suspended from the Commons for irregularities involving the employment and visa of a Brazilian student friend of his.

One of many MPs who despite reassurances following the expenses scandal still manages to employ his civil partner as his researcher.

On a local level the police and crime panel can now appoint an acting commissioner until a proper election takes place.

Presumably Councillor Harry Harpham, who chairs this panel, having championed the disgraced Sean Wright will already have another party hack lined up for the job.

My only hope now is that a candidate for Commissioner will come forward who will be truly independent.

Perhaps the first qualification for any applicant should be that must never have been a member of any political party.

I live in hope. Until then this entire process stinks to high heaven.

P Robb