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If, like me, you book a flight with Ryanair you may get an offer of £15 off your next Ryanair flight, so naturally you take it, right?

However you may fail to realise, until you check your bank or credit card statements, that your ‘discount’ is actually a once in a lifetime offer to have your money syphoned from your account. The box on the website you ticked to accept this discount was your ‘agreement’ to become a member of Shopper Discounts for which they charge a monthly fee, £10 a month in my case.

Naturally, I have since cancelled my membership and to my surprise wasn’t offered a refund by the automated voice on the end of the line. So I emailed them. I’m awaiting a response.

The fact that companies like Ryanair and god knows who else are allowing them to be partners or third parties is beyond belief. I may even take action against Ryanair, who have, in fact, given away my credit card details.

If you have had the misfortune of dealing with these people they have a website and phone number, when you call you will require either your member number, which would be in the email you received when you ‘singed up to the agreement’, so don’t go deleting all your old emails.

Either that or your credit card number with which you made your purchase.

I would advise you use your member number even though they have your credit card details.

It’s just best to be cautious.

How they deem this to be right is beyond me.

From what I have read if they know you’ve rumbled them, they seem to be co-operative, but that is not good enough is it?