Can absence make heart grow fonder?

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Remember when Sting and his wife Trudie Styler were glued together for hours on end, possibly even days, as they indulged in tantric sex?

Maybe they overdosed.

Now they claim it’s absence, and presumably abstinence, that keeps their hearts fond and their marriage healthy.

The celebrity couple, married for almost 20 years, only see each other once a month. Husband and wife live “worlds apart” by design. She’s in New York and he’s wherever he needs to be for his work.

But Sting says Trudie still represents home. And they look forward to meeting up for “juicy and romantic” encounters.

It’s a strange recipe for marital success, but it sounds like it works for them. As he says: “She’d be sick to death of me if I were around all the time.”

There’s many a long-serving wife who’d say Amen to that. But could only seeing your husband every four weeks really work?

Get past the obvious pluses – the shirts you wouldn’t have to iron and the underpants you wouldn’t have to pick up – and the negatives stack up.

No-one to open jam jars and do the DIY in semi-detached life.

And really, is there any point in being a couple if you can only stand to be together a dozen times a year?

To be hoped when the Sumners do meet up, they don’t have a bit of tantric. He’d end up missing his plane, there’d be an almighty row about who started it, they’d stomp in opposite directions and have to wait four weeks to kiss and make up.