MP ‘warned’ in relish row

Adam Beaston and girlfriend Chloe Russell at the Hare and Billet in Blackheath, London

Adam Beaston and girlfriend Chloe Russell at the Hare and Billet in Blackheath, London

Sheffield’s persona non grata was warned of the danger of dissing the city’s prized Henderson’s Relish before his House of Commons attack.

The barman who served South East London MP Jim Dowd his first taste of Hendo’s said he warned the MP about slagging off the spicy sauce.

Sheffield-born Adam Beaston, assistant manager at the Hare and Billet in Blackheath, said Mr Dowd branded the relish a ‘blatant copy’ of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce after being given it as an accompaniment to his cottage pie.

Adam, aged 24, who moved to London in October, said: “When he said that, I warned him it’s blasphemy in Sheffield. I said ‘Don’t let anyone up there hear you say that’.”

But Mr Dowd then accused Hendo’s of copying the product in the House of Commons – sparking anger in Sheffield.

Hendo’s has become a fixture on the menu and tables at the Hare and Billet since Adam, from High Storrs, took a catering-size bottle down with him.

It has become so popular the pub no longer stocks Worcestershire sauce.

Adam, former manager at The Inn at Troway, said: “There are a lot of vegetarians here, so it’s more suitable for them. He’s the first person I’ve known not to love Hendo’s.

“I don’t think people down here know quite what a big deal it is, but we’ve had people saying they’re Sheffielders in London and they’re going to come here.

“I’m going to have to stock up on some more.”

A spokesman for Mr Dowd said he was ‘reluctant’ to comment on the issue.

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