Bikers gather in Sheffield for justice protest

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More than 300 motorcyclists took to the roads in Sheffield today as part of a justice and awareness demonstration.

The event, organised by the Motorcycle Action Group, was one of nine protests taking place in major cities throughout the UK including London, Glasgow and Cardiff.

Bikers taking part in the Sheffield event staged a motorcyclist convoy from Meadowhall from Tudor Square in the city centre where they gathered for a protest talk.

The aim of the demonstration was to raise awareness of the high number of motorcyclists being knocked off their bikes by drivers and to campaign for heavier punishments for those responsible.

MAG member Joylon Lawson, from Driffield, was among the bikers in Tudor Square.

He said: “One of the biggest problems bikers face on the roads is drivers who are distracted by far too many things in their car and so aren’t actually concentrating on driving.

“When a motorcyclist gets knocked off their bike the drivers says ‘sorry mate I didn’t see you’ but what they actually mean is ‘sorry mate I didn’t look’.”

“Sentences currently given to careless drivers who knock motorcyclists off their bikes are far too lenient and are an insult to victims and their families.”

MAG director Neil Liversidge, who led the protest talk, said: “The support here today is fantastic.

“We are ramping up awareness of our campaign and we will continue to push until we get the improvement that we are looking for.”




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