Cameron’s new idea

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What’s this new idea from Cameron? It’s been said that the NHS health budget could be raided to pay for filling in potholes in our roads.

I thought that the Government gave millions to each council to resurface roads. Is this another way of ruining the NHS?

It makes you think about going private, doesn’t it?

Name and address supplied

Knocking steps to bits

The Lyceum rotunda steps are being knocked to bits by, guess what? Skateboarders. Where are the city centre ambassadors? Keep an eye out please.

A concerned citizen

Happy days, sadly lost

ON October 28, a letter appeared about shops in Crookes and mentioned Scott’s Library, making it sound as though it is still a library.

It should have said that the shop is still there but the library went years ago.

I don’t know what kind of shop it is now but it is still there.

I myself spent many a happy hour in there in my youth.

Happy days, sadly gone and never to return.

Philip Colley, Crookes

It’s not broken...

we are all well aware of the shortage of money: belts are tightened, braces up a couple of notches (one problem the ladies do not have).

So why is Greenhill Library closed for ‘refurbishment’? Let me make one point clear: the staff are excellent and always ready to help.

But as for the present layout – who has complained? Please council, if it ain’t broke, don’t mend it.

Norma Bradbury, Bocking Lane, S8