Cameron and Clegg are liars

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THIS is an attack on Coalition Government over their unnecessary, drastic and evil cuts they are inflicting on the public sector.

It’s wrong that thousands, if not millions, of people will be made to pay the price for a crisis caused by the bankers and by the rich.

Last year, Mr Clegg said: “We will not make pointless reforms in the NHS” and “we will not increase VAT.”

He said it was wrong that students should have to pay tuition fees at university.

One year later, the Liberal Democrats get into power with the Tories and are doing the exact opposite.

The Lib-Dems and the Tories say these cuts are necessary to get us out of debt which was created by the greedy banks, but yet these bankers are able to get huge bonuses while the public sector face hugely devastating cuts that will ruin lives, especially when families start losing their homes and cars because they can’t afford to pay bills caused by losing their jobs.

How come we are able to bail out Ireland for £7 billion?

How come we can afford to send our military operatives to Libya to join the coalition air strikes to destroy Gadaffi’s forces which comes out of taxpayers’ money?

Every missile fired in Libya cost Britain £1m.

The Tories know the value of money, but no value about life. Nick Clegg and David Cameron are bare-faced liars. Both parties used this recession as a springboard to brainwash people into thinking it was Labour’s fault so that they could get into government.

Government reform in NHS is putting people’s lives at risk. A radical shake-up in the NHS is definitely not what people voted for.

Jake Cuthbert, Sheffield S14.