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On the evening of June 6 my four-month-old great granddaughter choked on some medicine.

On the evening of June 6 my four-month-old great granddaughter choked on some medicine.

It was 7.10pm when her grandma rang for an ambulance and was put through to police who said dial 999 and ask for an ambulance.

In the meantime Tiffany was still choking. Her grandma was told someone would ring back: 45 minutes later someone did, but her granddad decided to take her to hospital by car.

Fortunately Tiffany had vomited. She was checked out to check nothing had got on to her lungs. Luckily nothing had.

Calow Hospital were good, said my daughter. But she wouldn’t pay the emergency services in bent washers.

Mrs F Greaves, Castle Hill, Eckington

Where has all road tax gone?

Have I missed something or what? We’re told it’ll cost £5bn to repair the whole of England’s roads. Years ago the Treasury collected (wait for it) £90bn a year in road taxation.

That was years ago. How much do they collect now? I bet there is enough from road taxes to resurface the entire universe and still have a lot left over. What’s happened to all this tax?

Does the Government think we’re stupid to not know about this vast amount of money they collect every year?

Name and address supplied

Missing dress

Having boarded a 52 bus on Monday, June 6, I realised I had left a Dorothy Perkins bag containing a dress valued at £38. I hope it makes someone very happy who is hard up. Every one is not honest.

SH, S10

A big thank you

A BIG thank you to the doctors and staff at the Rheumatology Department and Ward, Royal Hallamshire Hospital. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a painful and crippling ailment and I don’t how I would have coped without the marvellous care provided by Dr Tattersall and the staff.

PW, S2

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