Call for action on danger road

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ONE of the two main roads from Treeton to Rotherham is so badly damaged with deep potholes it has become a road safety hazard, the parish council was told.

Now chairman Coun John Swift, also a member of Rotherham Council, has asked the borough council to take immediate action to make Long Lane safer.

The council was told the road was not due for improvement for some time but it was now so badly damaged it was very dangerous.

Coun Alan Goy said: “Vehicles are having to swerve to miss the potholes because they are so deep and there is a danger they are going to crash into each other while taking this evasive action.”

The council was also told that when there were any problems on the M1 which crosses Long Lane diverted traffic often used the lane making it much busier and more dangerous.

Coun Swift said he would ask the borough council to take emergency action to fill in the potholes.