Call by teen accused of double murder

Courts: Reports from the law courts.
Courts: Reports from the law courts.
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A TEENAGER accused of killing two former University of Sheffield graduates made an anxious phone call from prison saying police had found bullet casings, a court heard.

In the call, Shawn Tyson said police had found bullet casings connected to the shooting of James Kouzaris, aged 24, and James Cooper, 25, who met in Sheffield.

The men were gunned down in the impoverished Newtown area of Sarasota, Florida, in April last year.

The friends, who were holidaying with Mr Cooper’s family, drunkenly stumbled into a rundown public housing project known as The Courts.

Tyson, 17, denies two counts of first-degree murder. If convicted he faces life in jail without parole.

The court heard a call made by Tyson from Sarasota County Jail which was recorded by police.

In the conversation, played to the jury, the then 16-year-old said: “Somebody say they saw me... they say they found the bullets.”

The court also heard Tyson told friend Marvin Gaines he had killed Mr Kouzaris, from Northampton, and Mr Cooper, Hampton Lucy, Warwick.

The trial continues.