By Julie Dore, Labour Leader

Julie Dore
Julie Dore
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The past five years have been tough for many Sheffield people.

When Nick Clegg and David Cameron say the economy is booming they sound completely out of touch with reality.

People have been hit by unfair policies like the bedroom tax, wages have stagnated and essential costs increased.

As a council we have supported people in difficult times, introduced a living wage for council staff and launched switches to help people save money on bills.

We are clamping down on payday lenders by creating Sheffield Money.

We’ve transformed apprenticeships through the Sheffield Apprenticeship Programme, giving Sheffield the best apprenticeships record of all England’s largest cities.

Government funding to the council has halved since 2010. These cuts are unfairly targeted at cities like Sheffield.

Our priority has been to protect front-line services, particularly for the most vulnerable.

That’s why we have protected spending on frontline safeguarding of children and cut less from social care.

Other cities have seen libraries close, we managed to keep all open by working with our communities.

As council leader one of the things people most often raise with me is the state of roads. We have been working to resurface the city’s network, this will be completed by 2017. Where work has been done feedback is positive, but there are still too many roads not up to standard. We are bringing forward work in many areas to complete this as soon as possible.

Despite difficult times we have faced, Labour are committed to making our city a great place for everyone. If re-elected we will continue to fight for a fair deal, protecting the most vulnerable.

We will build more houses, complete Streets Ahead, ­continue to create more apprenticeships and jobs and deliver key projects vital for transforming our city’s economy.