By Jillian Creasy, Green party leader

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You have two votes at this election – for a councillor and an MP.

We are an opposition party but we can influence policy and get things done. The higher our vote and the more elected politicians we have, the stronger that influence.

People have become disillusioned with politicians at Westminster; too many have a vested interest in inequality.

Green councillors work hard, speaking up for the people they represent. Green MPs would do the same for the people of Sheffield.

We stand against austerity cuts, for taxing the wealthy and using the money to invest in public services, infrastructure and renewable energy. This will create decently paid jobs, build a fairer society and help the environment. Affordable well-insulated homes and better public transport help people and the planet.

Locally, we have challenged the council to pay a living wage for their workers, including those in contracted-out services. We have argued against privatisation, especially of health and social care.

Above all, we have worked with local communities as they try to fill the gaps left by cuts, for instance running libraries, working to prevent fly-tipping and clearing rubbish. We passionately support local, independent businesses and help Sheffield traders in their uneven battle with multinational chains.

Nationally, Green MP Caroline Lucas has stood up for the most vulnerable in society. She has put forward bills in Parliament to crack down on tax dodging and to return the NHS to public provision.

Every other party wants to continue with a health-care “market” and let private companies profit from it. In 2015 she voted against austerity cuts, Trident nuclear weapons and fracking.

Sheffield deserves a strong and determined local voice. Give the real alternative a chance and vote for a party that stands for the common good. Make it two votes Green on May 7.