By Colin Ross Sheffield Liberal Democrat Leader

Colin Ross, leader of Sheffield's Liberal Democrat party
Colin Ross, leader of Sheffield's Liberal Democrat party
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The Liberal Democrats were faced with a very difficult decision after the 2010 election but I believe we made the right choice.

We could have stayed on the fringes of politics or we could have stepped up to the challenge and formed the first successful peacetime coalition in UK history.

We have kept the Tories in check and held influence to make Britain a fairer society with a stronger economy and more opportunity for everyone.

Nick Clegg, as Deputy Prime Minister, has used his position to secure record investment for the city including £1.2 billion for the Streets Ahead programme, which will see every road, pavement and streetlight in the city repaired and the Government’s historic City Deal which unlocks another £700 million of investment for our city and region.

The next few years will be a historic time for Sheffield with the recent Devolution Deal and we need to make sure the council really seize this opportunity to get the best for Sheffield. Having campaigned for greater devolved powers for years, we are the ones to do just that.

Unlike the current Labour administration we have a vision for a modern Sheffield, leading the north.

We want to make Sheffield truly ‘open for business’ by getting rid of red tape so businesses can invest in Sheffield, creating jobs and stimulating the economy so we can compete with nearby Manchester and Leeds.

A vote for us on May 7 is a vote for a better-run council, with more accountability, more openness and more flexibility.

When we last ran the council we delivered record high education results, huge reductions in crime and increased recycling rates.

We will deliver again, bringing decision making closer to you to ensure Sheffield becomes the business friendly city it was when we ran the council.