Money-saving expert solves Sheffield residents’ cash conundrums

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Mr Money Saving Expert himself, Martin Lewis, is in Sheffield today - and he’s determined to save residents of the city a quid or two.

As part of the fourth series of his popular ITV programme, The Martin Lewis Money Show, the savvy presenter and his team have taken to the road to solve the public’s money problems.

Martin arrived at Meadowhall yesterday for the Sheffield leg of his tour and will be at the shopping centre again today to answer shoppers’ questions and queries.

Martin said: “I wanted to do the show a bit differently this time to make sure it’s reflective of the money problems the nation is currently experiencing.

“Being out on the road is a fishing expedition to find out what issues are really affecting people and to hear success stories from people who have made big savings from the info on the show, or from listening to money saving techniques generally and who want to inspire others.

“We will also be encouraging people to fight for their rights against companies.

“This is people’s time to ask their questions about anything and everything to do with saving money, whether it be credit cards, bills, savings, broadband, digital TV, energy, flight delays, PPI, consumer rights or mortgages.

“I can’t solve people’s love life problems, but I can save them money.”

Martin, along with his show sidekick Saira Khan, will be inviting shopping centre visitors to see if they can claim back money owed from their previous electricity supplier on the spot.

They’ll also be advising consumers on how to haggle with companies to bag themselves a better deal on renewal quotes.

During the day people can join one of Martin’s ‘cashmobs’ - a five-minute master class on a big money saving subject where he will explain how people can beat the system and boost their pockets.

Martin said: “One of the main questions I’m asked is how people can make more on their savings so I’ll have some tricks to offer on that.

“CPP is another current issue will look at - which is different to PPI. Millions of people have been mis-sold credit card and identity theft cover by banks and we will be encouraging them to claim the money back.”

So apart from being extremely popular, what is the best thing about being a money saving expert?

“There is a debt-free wannabe forum on my website where people in debt share tips and advice.

“Seeing people on there reach their debt free day is what I’m most proud of.”




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