Bus service to be commended

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I have just returned from a holiday in Bournemouth and their bus service was to be commended as it was so efficient.

Passengers were not allowed to get up to alight from the bus until it stopped. Also, drivers did not set off until all passengers were seated.

This is something that the bus companies in Sheffield ought to take up as sometimes if one does not get up early for the stop required one is taken on to the next stop.

Also on getting on the driver does not wait until everyone is seated before setting off and this happened to me some months ago.

I handed in my bus pass and I had not moved before the bus set off and I was thrown down the bus, hitting my knees on the steps across the middle.

I think I should have let the driver send for the paramedics as I suffered from sore knees for weeks after.

He gave me his number and the one on the bus and I did report it but I think I should have followed it up.

Apparently there have been so many accidents in the south due to the above that it was decided to implement a new code of practice.

Has anyone else come across this elsewhere?

I think the whole country would benefit.

Joan Plant 80+

Gleadless, S12