Bus is a vital life line

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I write with reference to the letter from Mrs JB, S6, and confirm her comments about “consultation” on proposed bus changes in Sheffield, (Star letter, Get better informed on bus changes, July 16).

In Sheffield 8, many people were unaware of the proposed changes to the 19,20 and 20A routes.

Changes to the 20A route will mean we will not have a direct route to town.

A new route from Meadowhall, terminating at Scarsdale Road bottom will run only once a hour.

The current 20A bus turns right here to town, and whilst occasionally passengers do get off at that stop, the majority are going to town.

Many elderly people will be stranded if they are unable to walk to Warminster Road, for the 20 bus.

All we are asking for is parity with the people who use the 20 bus on Warminster Road. We may be fewer in number, but the direct bus to the city centre is a vital life line for all who live here.

So I endorse Mrs JB’s advice: to go online or fill in questionaires and make your wishes known.

Mrs A Russell

Abbey View Road, Sheffield, S8