Bus driver’s behaviour left me cold

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On Friday, February 21, around 9.20am, I watched as an elderly lady attempted to board the No 84 Mainline bus at Hillsborough opposite the Arcade.

The bus driver did not pull fully into the stop and this poor old lady fell over attempting to board, losing her shopping in the process. Someone helped the lady up and I retrieved her shopping and bus pass and made sure she was safely seated on the bus and logged her bus pass into the machine for her. Someone else kindly gave her some tissues to wipe her leg, which was bleeding after the fall.

This poor old lady was visibly distressed and embarrassed. I was amazed the bus driver did nothing, not even enquiring after her welfare. I am sure not all bus drivers are so uncaring but this driver’s behaviour left me cold. I did not know the lady or take her name but I do hope that she is OK.

From a very disgruntled bus passenger