Bus changes fiasco award

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city centre buses
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So the Green Giant has attempted to use humour regarding the recent bus changes in Sheffield and I must admit I did laugh, mainly at all his fudged statistics and phrases.

Firstly, the company he referred to is First Sheffield not First Main line, it hasn’t been called that for many a year.

Secondly, he goes on, and on and on, about all these changes to routes, ways of renewing passes, closures of offices etc as though this is First’s doing,.

It’s not, First have complied with having to do this as one of the members of the bus partnership. There are others within this partnership who operate within Sheffield but they have been left alone.

May I suggest that the next award the “Green Giant” hands out is to himself, for “inability to check facts before jumping on soap box”.

Well won pal, well deserved.

Popeye the bus driver