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I totally agree with Ted Fowler, (The Star, November 4), regarding the bus changes forced on us by people who obviously don’t have to use them. Who are these idiots? Come out and tell us who they are, don’t hide behind the excuse that they are doing what the people asked.

Nobody asked me and I don’t know anyone else who was asked either. Is it someone who is trying to justify his position or the same idiot who tried, and failed miserably, to introduce colour coding for each route instead of numbering them? As Ted stated, I too live on the Shiregreen circle of 47/48. This service has been running as 47/48 for many years, as far back as I can remember, and I’m now 72.

Everyone knows the route, it serves the Northern General Hospital, but now I will have to catch two buses to get there or alight at Fir Vale and walk up the long drive to the hospital. They will have to open a new resuscitation ward at the top of the drive for me.

The 47/48 also took you to Pond Street terminal and the railway station but now it takes you to the top of High Street. It also misses out Hucklow Road and now goes on Firth Park Road ensuring our residents in Page Hall have an even better service. Don’t want them to be late for signing on do we.

Tonight I was attending a function at Hillsborough, so I caught the number 48, sorry now 76, to town hoping to get the 53 to my destination, but guess what? There is no 53 any more. Another long-standing bus service gone. I asked the bus driver in town which bus I needed and he didn’t know. I walked a bit further and asked another and he didn’t know either. I’m not very good on my feet, so I finished up in a taxi.

If the bus companies really want to save some money why don’t they look at the 52, Crookes to Woodhouse route. Tonight there were four 52’ and one 52A buses in a line in the Wicker and not enough customers on them to fill a single decker.

Woodhouse must have the best bus service in England. My sister lives near the terminus and she told me yesterday they now have eight bus routes to pick from. Sometimes they have to wait a full three minutes for a bus.

Some enterprising entrepreneurs could start a game of bus bingo in Woodhouse centre and make a fortune.

Big Ian