Burngreave’s friendly side

Burngreave area of Sheffield
Burngreave area of Sheffield
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I was annoyed by the man complaining about Burngreave scum. I moved here from Heeley 12 years ago and would not wish to live anywhere else.

We do get the odd dispute and shooting but generally everyone is of a friendly nature, despite the language barriers.

The new housing in Catherine Street is a credit to the council’s vision for the upgrade of Burngreave, which is now becoming a popular choice.

The man is probably a bigot who does not welcome change and agrees with the negative image non-residents have of S4.

He should get out more and see the improvements on his doorstep, or is he too idle to make the effort?

I notice he did not state his dog’s name in his letter.

My message to him is – we are not all scum.

Burngreave deserves respect.

Jackie Rowan

Kilton Hill, S4