Burglars steal 10 tonnes of high-value metal

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BURGLARS made off with a whopping 10 tonnes of scrap metal worth around £50,000 in a raid over the Easter weekend.

The thieves cut through a wire fence at Dunstan and Wragg Ltd scrap metal dealers on Wreakes Lane, Dronfield, before escaping with 10 pallets of crushed ferro-titanium.

Each pallet, carrying white sacks, weighed an estimated 1,000 kilogrammes.

Police believe the burglars parked in a layby on the south side of the A61 and made their way along the embankment to the site.

They then cut through a wire fence, making off with the pallets without anybody noticing. Officers are appealing for anybody who believes they witnessed the theft to come forward.

They believe it could have happened any time between 2pm on Friday April 22 and 9.30am on Tuesday April 26.

Ferro-titanium is highly valued by stainless steel makers as a stabiliser in the production of low carbon steels for sheet production.

The metal sells for upwards of £5 per kilo, making the thieves’ haul worth a potential £50,000 or more.

A Derbyshire Constabulary spokesman said: “Anyone who saw any suspicious activity in the layby or at the site should contact the police on 0345 1233333 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”