Burglar given another chance by judge

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A CRACK cocaine addict was given a final chance by a judge after committing two burglaries to feed his addiction.

Lee Woolley, aged 23, raided a house and was then jailed for theft but burgled a fancy dress shop on his release from prison.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Woolley, of Henry Street, Rotherham, broke into a flat on Eldon Road in February by kicking in the door.

All the rooms and the kitchen had been searched while the occupant was out and painkilling tablets stolen, said prosecutor Louise Gallagher.

Woolley’s fingerprints were found at the flat and he was arrested after his release in April from Doncaster Prison for the theft matter.

He claimed the flat door had already been damaged and he went inside to smoke some cannabis in private.

He was given police bail then raided a fancy dress shop on Fitzwilliam Road in June and was caught red-handed.

A laptop computer, cash, clothing and contents of a charity box worth in total £772 had been stolen.

Woolley admitted the two burglaries.

Ian Goldsack, defending, said he has had a ‘chaotic and difficult’ year.

Judge Roger Keen QC told Woolley he would not jail him and said: “There’s a chance you might change now you are on methadone and have the proper motivation. It is worth taking the chance.”

He gave Woolley a 12-month supervision order with a drug rehabilitation requirement and a six-month night-time curfew.

The judge warned him: “If you fall by the wayside and come back before me I will lock you up.”