Broomhill group rejects council plans

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Campaigners in Broomhill have said they ‘reject’ proposals to shut 11 libraries and allow others to be run by volunteers.

In its response to Sheffield Council’s library review, Broomhill Library Action Group said the assessment to decide which facilities should close was ‘not carried out on a credible or robust basis’.

They said shutting their local library would also remove the only community building in the neighbourhood.

“It is clear that the proposed restructuring and closures have been driven entirely by budget cutbacks,” said BLAG in its response.

“We reject the strategy of closing 11 local libraries altogether, and placing a further five on an insecure financial and administrative basis.”

A survey was carried out in Broomhill in which 40 per cent of respondents said they would not be able to use another library if the closure went ahead.

Nearly a quarter said they would visit libraries less frequently.

The action group has suggested keeping all local libraries open, with reduced opening hours and an increase in voluntary workers, alongside core paid staff.