Broken bin promise shows bad judgement

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The failure of the council to make pledged changes to the blue box recycling service is the latest in a long line of undelivered promises from Lib Dem leaders.

It shows bad judgement by Coun Scriven, who made promises before finding out how much they would cost. It also highlights the poor deal Sheffield is getting from its privatised ‘public’ services.

Veolia can charge what it likes on changes to the waste contract, because we’ve signed up with them for the next 25 years. Capita, Kier and other PFI partners all make huge profits out of public services and it is the council tax payer who pays.

Started by Labour and continued by the coalition government, private companies are encroaching into the NHS and schools. Each contract signed removes more flexibility and democratic control and takes more money from desperately needed public services and puts it into the pockets of big business.

Again and again Lib Dems and Labour used privatisation to turn short-term problems into bigger, long-term problems for the future, safe in the knowledge they won’t be around to deal with them.

It’s time to tackle the problems and stop leaving the mess for the next generation.

Coun Rob Murphy, Green Party