Britain needs women with opinions

Have your say

After reading the Letters pages, I notice, yet again, that it’s a ‘Gray Day’.

What a fast response!

I am not in for a ‘tit for tat’, in fact, Ms Grayson, you aren’t twisting anything of mine, especially my melon! (confused face )

As you rightly point out, everyone can have an opinion, and express their views, hence my initial letter.

Anyway, I can’t imagine the Editor ‘of this fine publication’, being bothered to listen to ‘My Ramblings’ in regards to the subject, and no doubt, has many other things to concentrate on.

Being a man, it seems he’ll have difficulty in multi-tasking, which by your account, most women are brilliant at.

Well, in my original letter, I suggested the Editor should give Ms Grayson her own column. I’m sure most women would find it brilliant. So please consider.

Women with opinions are what this country needs.

Anyway, I am ‘the imbecile whining on about her contributions’, (Lee Swords) but I must stress, I am certainly not in ‘turmoil’ about it, and by no way a ‘left- wing coward’. That made me chuckle.

I think Jayne is wasted on the letters page, but it seems by being classed as Jayne’s critic ( Marjorie Neal’s letter ) I have obviously offended.

It seems my intention of getting more people to write to the Editor has worked though.

Hannah Midgley

(aka Twisted Nerve, the left-wing coward, who needs to shut her gob)