Bringing back life to the city centre

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They have closed the doors on West Bar nick. Hmm, I remember going round it when it was pristine and part of that era’s ‘new Sheffield’. The sun shone at the time.

At first I thought we were going to be saddled with yet another clapped-out ’60s building on the grounds of sustainability and recession but they appear to be going to demolish and rebuild.

God forbid that central Sheffield should end up as some sort of elephant’s graveyard of such structures but thanks to the sins of our fathers and mothers, who knows?

What about the penchant for refurbishing former DHSS office buildings, Chesham House, Bents Green House and Sorby House?

The West Bar Hotel should bring some life back into a part of the city that’s largely deserted. I remember a Chinese restaurant, a delightful little kebab shop and an Asian eatery opposite the roundabout.

Ron Clayton, S6