Bring thieves to justice

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READERS will be thoroughly disgusted by the antics of thieves who broke into a Sheffield pensioner’s home, ransacked the property and then left an insulting notice daubed on the wall.

The sneering tone of the message underlines the morally bankrupt nature of the criminals who made off with household items. But to rub salt into the very open wound, they also helped themselves to jewellery belonging to the widower victim’s late wife and World War One medals earned by his uncle.

Police, who share our outrage at the callous nature of the thieves’ taunts, have appealed for people with any information which may lead to the capture of the culprits to contact them.

We agree. The criminals who would stoop so low deserve no sympathy and they should find no refuge in a decent community. If you know who they are, do the right thing and contact the police.

Help people to harness the sun

THERE was a time when you would have laughed at the idea of paying out for solar panels to harness the power of the sun in rain-lashed England.

But modern technological advances mean that such panels now really can - and do - produce electricity, even when the clouds obscure the sun and temperatures are decidedly nippy.

As we are constantly reminded of the need to cut our reliance on fossil fuels, solar power is becoming ever more attractive a proposition for home owners and businesses alike. This is something more people would be interested in supporting if the initial costs could be offset in some way. Perhaps that is where the government could help.

They are prepared to shell out and subsidise the systems once installed, so why not encourage home owners to fix the apparatus with similar grants?

Future in the past

SHEFFIELD’S charming Fire and Police Museum is the poor relative of the memorabilia world. Its wonderful collections fascinate and inspire the museum’s mainly young visitors. But it must be agreed that it is not the best-displayed nor the plushest museum in the world. It’s not even the best museum in the city. However all that could soon change with plans now unveiled to transform it into the UK’s first ever National Emergency Services Museum after representatives of the Heritage Lottery Fund paid a visit and went away duly impressed. Now the foundations are being put down for a bigger, brighter future. We are sure the museum and its displays deserve to be shown off in the best manner possible.