Bring it on, Rotherham

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Rotherham could be heading for the good times.

Rolls Royce is to build a factory there to meet orders for its engineering work, up to 1,500 jobs could be up for grabs. Come on Rotherham, bring it on.

E B Warris, Raeburn Place, S14

Tax us for breathing

What’s this bedroom tax? Muti millionaires telling us we have to pay, pay and pay. Next we’ll be fitted with a breath meter to monitor our breathing to pay this government another tax.

Name and address supplied

Long way to Zambia

writing (Feb 21) about the Halfway man who is a radio hit halfway around the world, you say Zambia is part of South Africa. These are two different countries.

Zambia was originally Northern Rhodesia and changed its name in the 60s. Having lived there I can say that it is a long way from South Africa, to be precise more than 1200 km or 748 miles from Lusaka to Johannesburg. This should have read Southern Africa.

Marion Tinker

We don’t want this

David Young of South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive said the Optio scheme ‘shows the arrangements we have put in place are what passengers want’. As far as Fulwood passengers are concerned, I do not know anybody who said they want fewer buses, less choice and an extremely unreliable service.

Jonathan Youdan