Bring back the Men of Steel

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Please return the Men of Steel statue to its original home in Meadowhall.

It was like a memorial statue to my late father who did the job the figures perform. Whenever I walked past the statue, I’d rub one of the men’s bottoms in memory of my dad. Please bring my dad home.

Mrs P Woodhouse, S2

THE statue should be put back in its original place. It is an insult to the steel workers and people of Sheffield and Rotherham to move it outdoors.

D Hopper, Nethershire Ln, S5

people should abandon Meadowhall until the sculpture is put back. The owners of Meadowhall can’t be Sheffielders or they’d not dream of doing this. To move the statue is an insult to Sheffield steelmen.

S Holmes, Gaunt Rd, S14

They should have moved them to the city centre where everyone can enjoy them, maybe where the fountain used to be. They’ve stuck them behind Meadowhall where only people using that certain car park can see them.

Marion Hodgson, S35

No thanks to fortnightly bins

A two-week bin service? No thank you. It maybe OK for people who don’t have a family or live alone, but who will pick up all the extra bags? Not the council, nor the bin service.

Our streets will look a mess. Rats will love this, so will dogs and cats.

We have a large student area. On a weekly service the bins are already over-full.What will it be like on a two week service? Not very nice. Rotherham bin service is every two weeks but you can put paper and thin cardboard in the green bin as well as garden rubbish.

The service we have is a good one and we should keep it. There are only a few recycle centres, so you can expect a longer wait there. If you don’t have a car, I wonder if you could take your waste by bus? Probably not!

Phillip Ellin

We all have to put up with things we did not vote for: fortnightly bin collection, massive reductions in our police force, NHS privatisation and depletion of our armed forces. Some are a bit more important than others.

Mick Gethin, Westbury Av, Chapeltown