Bring back pieces of the monument

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Ron Clayton (Viewpoint, Aug 25) speaks on proposed monuments in Sheffield.

I remember the Crimean monument that stood at Moorhead until 1957 when it was split up. The column was reduced to blocks to be used as road ornaments on Hammond Street and Queen Victoria was deported to the Botanical Gardens and now sits in some warehouse waiting for a decision as to where she can be placed.

The lions were also put in storage but were deemed too eroded to be of any more use, so a mould was made of them and bronze replicas sited in Castle Square.

The inscription on this monument to the gallant men who lost their lives in the Crimean War: ‘This Monument in memory of those natives of Sheffield who fell in the war in the Crimea was erected by public subscription AD 1863’.

I’m sure people who contributed would turn in their graves to see the abuse that has been inflicted on this memorial (it’s said that Florence Nightingale was one of the subscribers).

As a child my father took me every Saturday around town to point out the things that were important to him and the Crimean monument was one of them.

There are always places to erect monuments and plaques to Sheffield’s heroes, but why is the city centre bereft of monuments to the fallen? We have the war memorial but why can’t the Crimean monument be brought together again and placed at the head of Fargate? I for one would much rather see this rather than the terrible fast food bars that are allowed to operate.

Keep up the good work, Ron, and thanks for being a forager among the archives of this great city.

Vin Malone, S14