Bridge campaign

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as a fairly frequent user of the railway station, I make the following comments:

The station has become markedly busier over the last 10 years. Non rail users get in the way of rail passengers. I recently met three young lads riding their bikes across the bridge, not ideal when swerving round passengers with luggage!

The present bridge was provided exclusively for the use of passengers.

The entrance from what used to be Granville Street is no more than 10 years old. As well as helping rail passengers it was provided to help non-rail users cross the station with funds from non-rail sources.

The original inconvenient Supertram stop was further north, called Sheffield Station Hallam University. The platforms are still there and recorded on the map by the enquiries desk within the station.

I’ve read that rail passengers from Park Hill need to cross without tickets to buy at the booking office. Incorrect. There’s a ticket machine beside that entrance, though there should be two for reliability.

Before the bridge was opened up at the east end we had to use the bridge at the south end of the station. New steps were fairly recently provided at the west side and it’s still used.

The old bridge Park Hill entry suggests a gateway to hell, and at the other it’s an open climb: no surprise that few use it, especially when wet or at night.

Recent landscaping efforts at the Park Hill side focus all attention on the Supertram stop and the station entrance, with gentle slopes leading that way. The old bridge has a steep and off-putting flight of steps in comparison.

An ideal solution to is build a new bridge near the centre of the station, replacing the old service lift and segregating non rail-users, especially if the government will provide £3m to resolve this.

This campaign may have a fairly swift resolution, though it will probably take three or four years to get the new bridge built and open! Maybe it will take only two if we’re lucky and keep pushing.

Chris Morgan