Breaking: South Yorkshire man jailed for New Year’s Eve attack

Breaking News: For more keep returning to the web site.
Breaking News: For more keep returning to the web site.
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A DRUNK who felled a man after a New Year’s Eve night out in a South Yorkshire town and left him with brain injuries was this afternoon jailed for 32 months.

Paul Oakden, 21, of Kingswood Avenue, Bawtry, pleaded guilty at Doncaster Crown Court to inflicting grievous bodily harm on Iain Eldridge, a father-of-two who will never return to his job as a gas fitter because of his injuries.

Mr Eldridge was with his new girlfriend, Julie Darby, and planning their future together when Oakden, wrongly thinking they were having an argument, landed a single punch which knocked him to the ground and caused bleeding on the brain.

“We are satisfied with the sentence given and feel it reflects some of the damage and pain he has caused, and hopefully two years and eight months locked away will teach him a valued lesson.

“Iain’s life well never truly be the same as it was as a result of the injuries inflicted upon him and he may never be able to work again, however we are thankful that he managed to pull through and that we still have him here with us, and we can now try to leave everything in the past and move on with our lives,” said Julie.