Brave police earn praise

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The police come in for a lot of criticism but today we highlight the work of one officer who makes us all very proud.

Sergeant Chris Foster, based at Ecclesfield police station, confronted a thug after he was reported for beating up another man with a baseball bat in the dead of night.

When the man turned a sawn-off shotgun on him (which later turned out to be a replica) he fought to restrain him until back-up arrived.

Sgt Foster modestly says that he’d expect any police officer to do the same. And he’s right.

Most of us go to work every day and have a fair idea of what will be happening and where we’ll be going. But for those who are employed in our emergency services there is the very real threat of danger on every call-out.

Rightly we hold the police, and other public servants for that matter, to task when things go wrong.

However, there is no doubting the bravery and integrity of the overwhelming majority of police officers.

Sgt Foster is taking the plaudits today and we wish him well the in Police Federation’s annual bravery awards. Many of his colleagues will place themselves in danger today on our behalf and for that we thank them.