Brave Gail

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I think Gail Hattersley is a brave woman. There aren’t many people who would go out on their own and refuse to move out of the way of contractors working on the street. Even Emily Pankhurst had her mates with her.

There are lots of stories going around of people being unhappy with what Amey are doing. Some have developed into co-ordinated campaigns, such as the one to save the trees on Rustlings Road at Hunters Bar. There is, incidentally, a bizarre siting of a light on Rustlings Road. It is right in the middle of the pavement. I would really like to hear Amey’s justification for where it is.

At Hunters Bar the streets have so many of Amey’s plastic fences lying around. Yesterday I moved six off the public garden on Neill Road. They are now stacked against a seating block in the garden and have been there weeks.

Regarding the police and Ms Hattersley, it depends whose rights they are paid to defend, those of business, or those of the citizens of Sheffield. I am very glad they did not move her.

I wish her luck in her campaign. Perhaps we should show her courage, and when the contractors move in to bulldoze the lovely buildings along Devonshire Green, arrive in our hundreds, to save them and to retain at least a little bit of Sheffield’s important heritage.

Rosalyn Connor

Meadow Terrace, Hunters Bar