Brain-damaged man has ‘speech’ back

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A MAN left brain damaged by an attack 20 years ago has been given the gift of speech again - thanks to new technology.

Kevin Beverley, aged 55, was attacked in Barnsley town centre when he was in his 30s.

The unprovoked assault left Kevin with severe brain damage, broken bones, and paralysis down his right side.

He was also unable to speak – until being given access to the latest iPad technology which means he can communicate with his family and carers for the first time.

In just one day Kevin, from Barnsley, was able to talk through his likes and dislikes, ask for a cup of tea and play games on the iPad.

Within 24 hours, Kevin was able to type the message: “It is so good to be able to speak again.”

Before, Kevin had to make noises and gestures to communicate.

He was given access to the new technology at the Carlton Resource Centre in Barnsley, which is operated by The Disabilities Trust, a charity providing care and support for people with complex and challenging disabilities.

The centre has two iPads which run a free app, Grid Player, allowing users to touch the screen to select the relevant letters to form words, which are spoken for them.

A charity spokesman said: “The amazing result is Kevin has a voice – the first time he has been able to communicate for 20 years. Kevin has been able to tell the staff about his interests, likes and dislikes, and order cups of tea whenever he wants.”