Brace yourself for another drenching

No sign of bright skies
No sign of bright skies
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It might be time to build an ark – as the bucketloads of rain which have drenched South Yorkshire in the last few weeks seem set to continue.

Pouring rain, gusty winds and chilly temperatures have made rivers of the roads, and caused frozen windscreens and inside-out brollies to become a common sight.

And with many locals starting to forget what bright skies look like, there’s more bad news: the sun is not getting his hat on any time soon.

Temperatures are expected to drop by up to three degrees in South Yorkshire tomorrow to around 3C before more heavy rain arrives on Friday and over the weekend.

Forecaster John Griffiths, of Meteo Group, said: “The background to all this is the low pressure system that’s knocking about at the moment.

“It came into Scotland and since then it has been sliding down England.

“The low pressure system has brought with it showers and outbreaks of rain all over the place.

“It’s very wet already at the moment and, to be honest, any areas which have already had flooding or are at risk will probably be likely to see the risk increase because of the heavy rain due to be arriving on Friday. That will be very heavy in places.”

While some South Yorkshire folk are enjoying having a grumble about the miserable weather on The Star’s 
Facebook page, others are wondering why everybody is so surprised.

Andy Hobson said: “Personally I like the rain and, after all, this is England.”

Matthew Orme admitted the weather is terrible but said: “We’re English and manage with it.”

Matter-of-fact Craig Skinner added: “It’s winter, people need to deal with it.”

Others, including Leanne Street, are struggling to remember sunshine.

“Us Brits don’t know what a summer is any more,” she said.

Donna Eyre said: “I think they have got the month wrong, it’s more like April showers and it’s only January. This weather is not good for a lot of people’s health, causing asthma, chest infections and depression to name a few. Roll on summer – plenty of sunshine and heat.”

But Selena Jayne is happy enough: “It doesn’t bother me if I’m staying in – it makes me feel cosy in the house with my little boy.”

And Jarrod Jones said optimistically: “It can rain as much as it wants. Get it out of the way before my seven days off from Friday!”