Boy struck by Sheffield minicab suffers head injuries

Police Close off London Road after an Incident
Police Close off London Road after an Incident
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A BOY aged four was rushed to hospital with head injuries when he was hit by a taxi on a busy Sheffield road.

The child was hurt as he crossed London Road with his family and was knocked to the ground when he banged his shoulder on the cab’s wing mirror.

Following the collision, the boy was given treatment by an off-duty paramedic before being taken to Sheffield Children’s Hospital. His injuries were initially thought to be serious.

London Road was cordoned off by police while the ambulance service attended the scene, at the junction with John Street.

The minicab, a grey Honda Accord, belonged to Sheffield City Taxis.

Paul Gosney, the firm’s business development manager, said the driver was travelling along London Road when a black cab pulled up in front of him on the left.

He said a Vietnamese family got out with a pram and walked across the road.

“He slowed down as they went across the road, but the next minute this child ran out in front of the vehicle.

“He hit his shoulder on the wing mirror and went into the road. The little lad spun round and hit his head on the ground.

“Fortunately an off-duty paramedic was in one of the shops or restaurants and came out to see what the fuss was about.”

Mr Gosney said the driver was left ‘shaken up’.

“He is a really nice lad,” he said. “He’s a genuine, nice driver and wants to pass his best wishes on to the little lad.”

Kevin Flint, the company’s operations manager, said the incident was reported by the driver.

A worker at computer shop Netcomp, opposite where the incident happened, said the road was often very busy with traffic and pedestrians crossing.

“They have pelican crossings at a reasonable distance apart so people can use it,” said the worker, who didn’t want to be named.

“Obviously if people used the pelican crossings I think there wouldn’t be an issue.”

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said officers were called out at just after 5.40pm on Monday, and that the road was reopened at 6.30pm.

He added that the youngster’s injuries were not thought to be serious once he was examined at hospital.