Boxing is in the blood for the Ingles

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I have been following the boxing articles in my Star with amazement – Naz wants to forgive and forget, his brother wishes Brendan had spent more time and effort on him.

What a load of codswallop.

What you see in Brendan Ingle is what you get, a family that live for each other and work together.

Naz and family would have known nothing about the boxing scene which was in Brendan’s blood.

He blames no-one for anything and he worked fashioned his boxers to what they attained, they were not champions, he made them and they let him and his family down.

You cannot get rewards off the back of others, that is not how it worked for the Ingle family.

Their records stood as a monument on Newman Road long before others decided they knew about boxing.

Asking Naz to support his efforts to be a boxing trainer speaks volumes for the knowledge in the boxing game.

I would always bow to the knowledge of Brendan and his family, for they have boxing in their blood.

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