Bonfires and displays

Bonfire Night.
Bonfire Night.
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The debate goes on and has done for many years.

Well, as your readers know, the one run by the Transport Ground at Meadowhead, in conjunction with the Greenhill/Bradway Tara, Batemoor Tara and Farrars Funfair, happily had a great evening with many thousands of visitors all in safety on Friday, November 6.

We believe this is the way forward and after such a huge success intend to repeat again in 2016.

In fact, this will be even better, as the other local, Jordanthorpe Tara, has agreed to join in.

Join up with groups and run a community event and you will find it helps to lower the chance of injury and can be enjoyed by thousands, especially if you can subsidise them and make them free to all.

S Rich

Greenhill/Bradway Tara sec