Blunkett war debate call

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DAVID Blunkett has called for a debate on when it is right for Britain to use military intervention abroad following controversy about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars – and the current action against Libya.

The Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough Labour MP believes it is right that the UK does not remain neutral at all times.

He said: “I have little truck with the idea that Britain should be a slightly larger and more influential Sweden, or a kind of non-Alpine Switzerland.”

But Mr Blunkett said he asks himself: “What do we think we’re doing? With whose money? And why us?”

He said that it will not be possible to remove the contradictions of intervening in some countries while avoiding taking on other regimes.

He also argued governments have to weigh the ‘balances of evil’ and added: “In trying to sort out conflicting and competing pressures, we inevitably get our hands dirty.”