Blind ex-soldier’s praise for Sheffield centre

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A blind ex-serviceman has praised a charity’s Sheffield centre for its support after he was shot in the head and blinded on duty in Iraq.

Simon Brown, of West Yorkshire, was aged 28 when he was shot while rescuing six colleagues whose vehicle had broken down in Basra in December 2006.

He lost his left eye and has only 20 per cent peripheral vision in his right.

Blind Veterans UK, which has a centre in Fulwood, provided him with rehabilitation and training to help him recover his independence.

Simon, 35, said: “Becoming a member of Blind Veterans UK was absolutely life changing for me. It was actually around Christmas time too that I first went to the charity’s Sheffield centre.

“It was a year after my injury and I felt as though I had already reached a ceiling in my recovery, but joining the charity changed my perception of that very quickly.”

Simon, who works in the charity’s London headquarters and travels the UK promoting its work, added: “I learnt there was so much more training I could have to regain my independence.”