Bishop of Sheffield calls for city to be on ‘front line’ of refugee crisis

Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield
Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield
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The bishop of Sheffield has called for the city to be on the ‘front line’ for welcoming refugees into the country.

Bishop Steven Croft met with other faith leaders in the community to discuss the refugee crisis.

In a blog post on his website he wrote that: “Our communities are united in compassion for the plight of the refugees. We are united in the belief that Britain can and should do more. The faith communities stand ready to help in partnership with local and national government in welcoming those who find a home in our communities whatever their faith and country of origin. Sheffield was the first City of Sanctuary in Britain and remains in the front line of welcoming strangers.”|POLL: Is Sheffield Council doing the right thing in opening the doors to Syrian refugees?|Click link}

He also pleaded with residents to donate to charities in the area that will help refugees.

He said; ”Please translate this outpouring of compassion into action through gifts and support for some of these initiatives. There is no need to wait until a new wave of refugees arrive. Charities in the region are already hard at work helping people in need here and across Europe and the Middle East. Please encourage local and national government that, as a country, we support a bigger, more generous response still to one of the great crises of our age.”

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The bishop’s words come as Sheffield Council has announced that the city will ‘immediately’ open its doors to Syrian refugees.

The authority said that about ‘10 to 15’ Syrian refugee families will be immediately resettled in the city.