Bikers’ thanks

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On behalf of the Sheffield branch of the British Motorcycle Preservation Society, I want to thank the management of Morrison’s supermarket, Catcliffe, for allowing us to collect for our Easter egg appeal and especially to customers who donated £304.

In total we collected £942 and 132 Easter eggs. These were delivered to Chancet Wood, Rushey Meadows and Ryegate children’s respite homes. Each received a £314 cheque for sensory and play equipment.

Steve Whittaker, Chairman BMPS

Caring society!

SUPERTRAM closed the tram bridge for four days and made no provision for people in wheelchairs and scooters. I faced a one-mile detour. When I asked a workman why there were no ramps, I was directed to a flight of eight steps. Caring society? Don’t make me laugh.

R Davison, S2

My view on AV

J MARSH (Apr 19) is correct: the party who forms the Government don’t always poll the most votes. It’s a mystery why this isn’t explained in all the many newspaper articles. AV is, in my opinion, proportional representation and this can only be the fairest way to do anything.

BT, S5