Biker survived 140mph smash after being knocked out by pigeon

Matthew pictured with his wife Emma has amazed doctors with his recovery
Matthew pictured with his wife Emma has amazed doctors with his recovery
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A MOTORCYCLIST survived a ‘freak accident’ after he was knocked out by a low-flying pigeon then hit full throttle and accelerated to 140 mph.

Matthew Brealy, 38, from Whittington Moor, Chesterfield, was left unconscious after the bird smashed through his visor and shattered his glasses.

But he remained astride his 1,000 cc Suzuki GSXR which travelled a further 200 yards before slamming into an oak tree and disintegrating.

After the collision on the A620 between Caenby Corner and Retford, Nottinghamshire, Mr Brealy suffered two skull fractures with bleeding to his brain, a broken leg, cracked ribs and a fractured hand.

He spent 10 weeks in Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital where his hand was re-wired and a titanium rod inserted in his leg.

Mr Brealy said: “I was doing about 50mph and the impact knocked me unconscious. It appears that I collapsed on the front of my bike and at the same time I hit the throttle so the bike just accelerated out of control.

“Police told me afterwards they estimated that the bike had gone from 50 mph to around 140 mph in a matter of seconds but thankfully for me it happened on a straight road which is why I probably didn’t fall off the machine.

“My bike hit an ok tree with a glancing blow.

“I was thrown ear and the machine was smashed to pieces in the crash.

“Police confirmed a pigeon was the cause of the accident. My visor was left with a hole in it and I was covered in pigeon blood and feathers.”

Mr Brealy, who runs an electrical business, is now learning to walk again helped by pregnant wife Emma.

He was discovered after the crash by a farmer who stopped traffic by using his combine harvester to block the road and called emergency services.

Mr Brearly was airlifted to hospital.

He said: “There’s no doubt it was a bizarre, freak accident and I am aware that I am lucky to be arrive.

“I am 99 per cent back to normal but I have had to learn to walk again but with the support of my wife Emma, my family I was determined to get on my feet again and back to work.”

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police described Mr Brealy’s crash as a ‘freak accident’. He said: “We can confirm that we attended this incident on the A620 near Retford in April 2010.

“It would be impossible to confirm the speed that motorcycle would have been travelling at during the incident.

“Mr Brealy was seriously injured by the collision and it is pleasing to hear that his recovery is progressing.

“No further action would have been taken as there is no evidence that any offence was committed.

“The incident can perhaps best be described as a freak accident.”