Big graffiti problem

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The work carried out by volunteers in keeping open the various Sheffield Libraries is a shining example of the power of community spirit!

I write as a volunteer with Greenhill Library and would like to give my thanks to all those wonderful folks involved in running not only Greenhill Library but the other volunteer-led libraries in this city.

Now here I throw in a major problem for Greenhill Library and no doubt other libraries suffer likewise.

Graffiti, a scourge of today’s society.

We at Greenhill have continual applications of this street art on our building.

At this location it is not acceptable, unlike other locations in the city where the application of what I would term partly acceptable graffiti brightens up a wall or building.

The removal is at a prohibitive cost.

The situation is beyond frustration because once removed it appears again.

I admit to the difficulty of preventing this abhorrent past time, more often undertaken in the dark and at a late hour with few if any people around.

The police try to investigate, but with resources and limited time, they have little chance of catching the culprits.

Do your bit for your community. Be observant, report suspicious activity, listen for whispers connected to those who defile the buildings in this city.

Where are the substances used in the application of graffiti purchased from ?

As a shop owner, think about who you are selling the stuff to.

It’s a problem we will suffer alas for ever more like the litter blowing about everywhere you go.

Roger Stevenson

Beauchief, Sheffield, S8