Beware of these internet scammers who say computer needs work

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there are many ways people using the internet are defrauded out of money.

To those who use the internet a lot and know the routines it is easy to spot these scammers. But some are not so lucky.

A new internet scam uses the phone directory. A guy will call you, very politely. He will know your name and address and say he is from Microsoft.

He’ll try to convince you there’s something wrong with your PC and ask you to type an address into it and go to different links in your settings. Then he will say your PC is corrupt and at risk. He will tell you he can send you the discs to repair it and will ask for your bank details. When the call has finished you will find that a virus has infected the PC.

These scams need to be stopped. It is up to internet and telephone providers to help catch these people.

Anthony Rodgers, S5