Better in than out

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Well here we are once again, Christmas is nearly upon us and I notice there is a new horror film which will be on general release very shortly. It stars Meryl Streep and should not be watched by children or people of a nervous disposition, because it concerns the dark period from 1979 to 1990 when Thatcher was in power.

Bet it will go down a bundle in Barnsley and in a large part of Sheffield for that matter.

Thankfully there is a happy ending when she is dragged kicking and screaming from office, my favourite news clip of all time, incidentally.

Then here we go once again history is repeating itself and we have son of Thatcher, Cameron, and his best mate, our very own Cleggy, axing public services on which so many of us rely, and privatising our wonderful NHS by stealth. Safe in their hands, says Cameron, Personally I wouldn’t trust the Tories to run a coconut shy.

This is not what the people voted for at the last election. They clearly voted for a minority Tory government.

They told us the private sector would be able to create jobs for all the people who lost theirs from the public sector because of Tory cuts. But the recent jobless totals of 2.64 million, up 128,000 over the past three months, nails that notion firmly to the mast – and don’t let them lie to you that all public sector workers are paid a fortune because they are not, most do an admirable job in often difficult circumstances. Jobs incidentally which most of us would never dream of doing. Plus the drastic cuts in police force budgets, mean less front-line officers to protect us all in these difficult times.

Then we have seen Cameron effectively sidelining the UK in Europe, when in fact around 40% of our trade is done within the European Union as a whole. Anyone who works for a living is protected by a lot of legislation which originates in Europe and defines our working terms and conditions.

Being in the EU means we are part of a trading block which is larger than the US and, because of this, it is totally in our interest to be inside looking out, rather than outside looking longingly in.

Don’t let anyone tell you isolation is in our long-term interest. This country alone would be in a very lonely place, with little international clout.

Paul Ratcliffe, Richmond, S13