Better care for military heroes

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IMPROVED services for military heroes who return from service in Iraq and Afghanistan are being planned by Sheffield Council.

Proposals, to be considered at a full council meeting tomorrow, suggest a Sheffield Community Covenant, to ensure returning veterans receive appropriate housing, eduction and social care.

The move follows a recommendation by a Government taskforce to look at rebuilding the Military Covenant, which sets out the obligations of society to care for the armed forces.

Councils were asked to look at establishing their own policies to ensure better treatment.

The motion has been put forward by Beauchief and Greenhill Lib Dem Coun Clive Skelton, who was a sergeant in the Army.

He said: “As a society we all owe our servicemen and women a great debt. They put their lives on the line to protect our freedom, both at home and abroad. The least they deserve is a fair deal from the authorities when it comes to local services.”

His proposal is seconded by Coun Jack Clarkson.