Bethany, 14, saved from rip tide in holiday drama

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LIFEGUARDS sprang into action to rescue a South Yorkshire teenager after a strong current threatened to sweep her and her father away.

Bethany Skelton, aged 14, and her dad Steve were both caught in a strong channel of water called a rip tide after they went into the sea at Chapel Porth in Cornwall.

The family were on a camping holiday in St Agnes. They were among 11 people rescued after at least 20 bathers and bodyboarders were caught in the strong current.

RNLI lifeguard Robin Ken said: “I first noticed a couple of people struggle and panic as they became aware they were caught in a rip current. As I went to help them, more people were getting pulled out in the same very strong rip current. I signalled for assistance from three colleagues and set about getting the first girl onto the rescue board and paddled her into shore.”

Mr Skelton, from Askern in Doncaster, said: “It was a scary situation. I am trying not to think about it. I am a confident swimmer and I found it frightening.

“We initially just noticed the water start to pull us out slightly, then I looked back and saw a look of concern on Bethany’s face as she started to struggle against the pull. I tried to get to her but she was getting pulled even further away from me. I’d just reached her when the lifeguard came out of nowhere. I just hung onto my bodyboard, but there were children being swept backwards and they were the lifeguards’ priority. There was nothing I could do, I had to let it just take me.”

The family was due back in South Yorkshire today.