Best not to get too close to sufferers

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Have your readers heard of a condition called Europhobia Simplex.?

Oh dear, one correspondent hasn’t but they do display all the symptoms of Europhobia Simplex, as defined by the official Blame Society.

There are many symptoms that sufferers demonstrate.

The most common is persistent outbursts of irrational statements based on misunderstandings of simple facts and figures, believing that the root cause of all evil is the European Council.

All sufferers have this inherent belief that the European Council is responsible for everything that goes wrong in this country and, in particular, allowing immigrants to come into their sacred territory.

These immigrants seem to make the symptoms of sufferers worse by taking jobs in the NHS, in shops, in restaurants, as tradesmen and on farms.

Some sufferers of Europhobia Simplex have taken extreme measures to combat their condition, even as far as getting themselves elected to serve on this European Council.

To help brace themselves for the challenge of sitting in the European Council they are given very generous salaries and expenses.

They make the best use of this money by maximising it and redistributing it among friends and family.

Meanwhile, they have to suffer the pain of sitting among these people from other countries, hardly daring to speak or vote or make any positive contribution in case it increases their symptoms.

The most extreme sufferers become leaders of groups of fellow sufferers.

They can be readily identified as they usually wear posh clothes, talk very loud and have to resort to a pint and a fag to control their symptoms.

Because they are scared they try to scare other people by blatantly misusing facts and figures in so doing risking the possible spread of Europhobia Simplex.

I have provided this information so readers can spot the early signs of this condition and warn them the worst sufferers have joined an organisation called UKIP so it is best not to get too close to them.